Friday, November 05, 2010

As the above link demonstrates in excruciating detail; almost every town that went for Deval Patrick is either a urban blight area or an affluent suburb. I guess there weren’t many SEIU thugs in Leominster. Even dysfunctional Fitchburg (the place is 1 step above Lawrence) went for Baker, as poor a candidate as he was. Maybe we need an electoral college in Massachusetts so that the 70% of Towns that wanted something different could have had a chance at being represented in the government. Instead we AGAIN get DICTATED to by welfare bums and guilty liberals who’s compassion apparently doesn’t extend to the rank and file. But of course the rank and file are uneducated buffoons who need a Mommy and Daddy to tell them what to eat and what to watch and when to go beddy-bye. Democracy yes, American, no. This is why the liberals want the Electoral College “by-passed” isn’t ? So that the two Coasts can dictate to everyone else. This election solves nothing. Armageddon approaches. 19.7% REAL unemployment, a crashing dollar and violent union thugs. Watch Greece and France. It’s Massachusetts and California in 2-3 yrs or less. Happy Days it ain’t.

Now in MY world, Massachusetts would be fine AS iS. The folks here should be able to have the Barney Franks, Tsongas’, Tierney’s, Bumps, Kerry’s et al represent them, just as Texas or Arizona should be able to elect Rush Limbaugh, Dick Cheney, Glenn Beck or Dr Seuss to represent them and or toss illegal aliens into the sea. In my America, people can vote with their feet (as I intend to do) if there’s that “diversity” your side is always whining about. But what if the entire Nation is Nixonian or Obamunist ? Where do we go then my friend. God Bless the folks of Massachusetts for doing what they think right even if I believe it to be insanity. But don’t force that tired Socialist bunk on the rest of the Nation. Keep the Romney Care, ATM cards for Welfare Mom’s to get booze and cigs, in-state tuition for illegal aliens, $80K change makers at the T and 12 layers of cousins in a bureaucracy that self-perpetuates. Regulate your trans fats and sodas. Ban bake sales from schools. Let 6 yr olds get shot in the street by drug gangs. Build 200 million dollar Taj Mahal HS’s while kids in JP can’t even read. If this is the Socialist utopia you all want then, by God, you should have it. Just be prepared to live with the consequences of your actions. Don’t foist this fecal matter on the rest of the states. When Massachusetts and California go Bankrupt so be it. They should loss their Statehood and become territories of the Federal Government just like Obama wants. No more federal election for you. As my Dad said many times, “If I pay the bills I make the Rules.” No bailouts, no handouts, no pork. You want this stuff, YOU pay for it. Soon you’ll be like the Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico, except without the great weather and white beaches. Hey all those Maoists need someplace to vacation right? LOL

Were you one who enjoyed the MSNBC election broadcast along with the other 11 people who watched it there. The number of conservative moderators was astounding, ZERO as usual. Unfair and mentally unbalanced. I wonder what Comcast is thinking about it right now. Maybe Olbermann can return to Princeton and give Shakespearian lectures on arrogance.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Nope, not a Billion, MORE THAN FOUR Billion of our tax dollars are going to ACORN as part of the new stimulus package. ACORN!! You mean the same organization under indictment or investigation (voter fraud) in several states? Yep. Would that be the same ACORN that registered the entire roster of the Dallas Cowboys in Ohio? Yes indeed. These frauds are getting stimulus money? What does this stimulate besides more Mickey Mouse registrations in contested elections? Maybe it will stimulate more buying of votes from homeless bums and reprobates for a couple of smokes. Why are only the Cowboys registered in Ohio? What’s wrong with the Eagles and Cardinals? OH and they’re all Democrats by the way. Yes Americans this is what comes from your careless neglect of our Republic. Your apathy has left us with leadership which serves itself and not the nation. ACORN is, at the very least, accused of several political crimes. Even if yet unproven in court, these are serious allegations are sufficient to disqualify it from receiving federal funds. If Don Corleone helped to register Massachusetts college kids in Pennsylvania elections would we be stimulating the mafia with taxpayer money? Well if they’re Democrats I guess it’s OK. It’s for the “greater good” you know.

"A wise prince will seek means by which his subjects will always and in every possible condition of things have need of his government, and then they will always be faithful to him." --Niccolo Machiavelli

And you thought that idea was originated with LBJ himsself? Look, $4,000,000,000.00 buys a hell of a lot of votes my friends. Every one of those votes will be going where directed by the Democratic activist group. Is there money for and the Daily Kos buried in this bill? I haven’t found it yet but I wouldn’t be all that shocked. Obama wasn’t elected not by voter fraud but by the naiveté of the voting public which patronized a mass media as in love with Barack as Michelle is rumored to be. Add that $4 BILLION to the fact that Rahm Emmanuel is now taking charge of the next census (no hanky-panky there eh) and LBJ’s “Great Society” will look like the Regan Revolution.

The $4 BILLION to ACORN overshadows other serious thefts of the taxpayer’s purse. $50 Million for the National Endowment for the Arts? Aren’t those the dopes that paid some heretic for a photograph of a crucifix in a jar of urine? For a picture of some fool with a bull whip stuck up his/her derriere? For this they take our hard earned cash? In an economy that the Great Obama has deemed the “worst since the great depression”? This “stimulus” could be the death knell for the American way of life and a lifeline for the brain dead socialist movement.

God save our Nation!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Here in the “Cradle of Liberty” we’ve been condemned to what I term “Mass Corruption”. It’s the staphylococcus necrosis of corruption making the old Tammany Hall (also a Democratic contrivance) look like a Boy Scout meeting.
Within the last year we’ve had:

1. State Senator Dianne Wilkerson caught on tape stuffing money into her bar after taking a bribe from an undercover Fed.

2. Boston City Councilor (Chuck “Truth to Power” Turner) caught taking bribes on tape and then crying racism.

3. Another State Senator (James Marzilli) arrested for 5 counts of sexual assault (including asking a 60 year old woman at a bus stop “Do you have a landing strip or an afro?”) but receiving full pay and benefits while ignoring his official duties only to resign after the first of the year adding thousands to his state pension. Eight months later this scumbag hasn’t even come to trial yet!

4. The resignation of the Speaker of the House (Sal DiMasi) after numerous allegations of graft and influence pedaling.

The resignation of Sal DiMasi is particularly interesting. The prior two Speakers were removed from office after Federal convictions for tax evasion (see earlier Geitner column) and illegal gerrymandering of federal districts. Let us not forget that the President of the Senate is only one person removed from Billy Bulger. Bulger’s brother Whitey remains the FBI’s #2 Most Wanted, just behind Bin Laden. Mr. DiMasi, re-elected to the speakership by 135 of 160 possible votes only three weeks ago, in under investigation for using his influence in getting the state to pay $13 million for a bogus software package from a large corporate contributor. There’s also the matter of a THIRD mortgage on his condo given to him by his accountant who also happened to be an unregistered lobbyist for a ticket agency wanting to influence legislation. Besides defending small time mob figures early in his career, DiMasi’s biggest contributions to the Commonwealth were his autocratic strangling of one of Governor Patrick’s few good ideas, casinos in Massachusetts. Think that legalized gambling minght have hurt the business of of few of his old clients in Boston's North end? DiMasi was elected by fewer than 9000 voters in his district yet wielded near dictatorial powers across the entire state. He used his heavy handed tactics to squash a popular ballot initiative to amend the state constitution so as to preclude gay marriage ”rights” invented by the real legislature in Massachusetts, the judiciary. Initially he refused to even permit the legislature to vote on the petition. Only after the petitioners threatened to bring disbarment proceeding against to horde of lawyers which clutter the body of the House (breaching their oaths to uphold the Constitution which required that a vote be taken) was a sham vote conducted which scuttled the process. The rationale was that it would muddy the political waters in a Federal election year. Of course, that totally justified torpedoing any effort at democracy. Not that that’s unusual here in the People’s Republic. Why it was less than a decade ago hat the citizens of Massachusetts voted themselves a repeal of a Dukakis era “temporary” increase in the income tax only to be told by the legislature that it would not be implemented anyway. (This was the work of the prior Speaker, Tom Finneran. Now disbarred as a cionvicted felon, Finneran hosts a crappy radio talk show on WRKO.) Add this tidbit to DiMasi’s indictment; just in case Question # 2 (repeal of the Mass Income Tax) had passed last November, DiMasi made it known to one and all that he would see to it that the repeal would not be enforced or that the tax would be reinstituted the next day. Gee just like his crooked predecessors did with the seat-belt law repeal, TWICE!
Gee, do you think if we got a petition together to amend he Constitution so as to make President of the State Senate and Speaker of the House, staewide elective offices, the solons would let us do it? Term limits? Nevermind. They're too busy figuring out whether they want to raise the gas tax 100%, the sales tax by 2%, or BOTH. Where's Guy Fawkes when we need him!

So let me get this straight, the head of the New York Federal Reserve, supposedly financial genius, the man now the Secretary of the Treasury, forgot to pay his taxes? How is it that anyone forgets to pay taxes? Sure, almost half of the country doesn’t pay any Federal income tax at all but anyone working at any job knows what happens on April 15th.

Tim Geitner has ZERO excuse for gaming the system and is an outright TAX CHEAT! If you or I failed to pay over $43K in income tax, or accepted reimbursement for taxes, WE NEVER PAID, our sorry asses would be in JAIL not sitting in the seat of the Secretary of the U. S. Treasury. So now we can all look forward to having our tax laws enforced by somebody who didn’t feel the need to pay them himself. PERFECT. A stunning choice President Obama! This is an appointment which falls comfortably within the liberal imperative,
“Do as I say, not as I do!”
Like disgraced former Massachusetts state senator, Dianne Wilkerson (her returns fell behind her filing cabinet for several years leading her to fail to file only her Massachusetts returns), Geitner joins the Rouge’s Gallery of “leaders” who are unrestrained by the laws which they make for others to follow. This all smells like the same aristocratic horse manure that led to the birth of this country in 1776! Two sets of laws formulated by a ruling class. The rest of us can rely upon their “Noblesse Oblige”. George III must be laughing in his grave.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

There are no Obamaphiles present at this address, but I take great pride in today's' events. Ignoring ACORN and MSNBC for the time being, I believe that the free election of a black person as President of the United States is a major milestone in our history. Let us all wish him good judgment and better results for his success could be our salvation. Should the Obama Presidency veer left seeking the "Worker's Paradise", it might be another generation before a person of color gets to hold the Nation's reigns. Let's all hope that Obama is a Ford F-150 in the guise of a limousine liberal. And pray that no conservatives on the Supreme Court pass away in the next 4-8 years!

The greatest aspect of today's ceremonies however is the peaceful transition of power. Bush wasn't using the military to hang on for a 3rd term. No Cheney led Haliburton conspiracy to overthrow the process. No mass executions of the opposition from the 2 million Obamanites gathering in the Capital. Simply by playing by the rules, America reaffirms it's principles and ours.

God Bless American and long live the Republic!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Well faithful readers it's Monday morning and time once again for

My weekly rants-

On Obama: I’m actually marginally pleased about his efforts thus far. Of course I’m not a “stimulus pkg” kind of guy and Leon Panetta to lead the CIA is an obscene joke. I’m told that there will likely be mass resignations by June ’09. We’ll see. I’m hoping that Obama is a master politician, ergo, willing to feed the liberal media machine while doing the “right thing” in the background. Maybe Panetta will just be a figurehead to shut up Reid, Pelosi, the Daily Kos and Move-On.Org. Gitmo gets renamed, Disney South and the terrorist scum still get to meet Allah early. I hope all the "virgins" look like Rosie O'Donnell.

Mandatory Military Service: I've begun to wonder if the Israelis are correct in making every able bodied man and woman serve in the military. It’s always the non-military guys who either start the damn wars in the first place or think that every war is to be fought by some kind of etiquette. There are really no rules in war. You either kill the other guy or he kills you. There’s no whoopies or do-overs, if you make a mistake you’re just dead, or worse! I love “24” (started again last night) because in it wars are waged by bureaucrats but fought by soldiers. Generally the carnage of war is blamed on those who suffer from it the most. Wars are generally caused by weakness and insecurity as often as by money and power. If the bureaucrats had to live the brutality of combat for a single day, they’d all shut the hell up and we’d have a far more peaceful world.

Return to Camelot, NOT: No excitement over Caroline Kennedy. I could find a better Senatorial candidate in the Monkey Jungle. She can’t speak, has no issue, and has ZERO qualifications to hold any office above Boston City Counsel. I could care less that she seems very unsteady on her feet or looks like 70 with a broken nose. (Man I remember her from a dance at Concord Academy and she was kind of cute from 20 yds away – LOL) That the same people who crucified Palin as unqualified, mocked her attractiveness and characterized her a blithering idiot, now champion the cause of this empty vessel, galls me to no end. The media love to rave about Republican hypocrisy on “family value” issues (Larry Craig, et als) but practice not what they preach when it come to virtually any Democrat (Barney Frank, Gary Studds, Chris Dodd, Bill Clinton, John Murtha, etc). How sad.

Blago's Bluff: Governor "Blago" and the end run - Clever move by "Hot Rod" in appointing an otherwise untainted black man to the Senate. The liberals can't say no to any black other than Clarence Thomas unless he/she opposes gay marriage or wants vouchers to get their kids out of a NEA dominated public school system. SO "Blago" gets to stick his dirty finger in the face of America and Harry Reid sucks it clean. WOW, what a pillar of fortitude. Of course only a complete fool would expect to find any backbone in the "World's Most Exclusive Club".

Having problems grasping the news? Maybe you're just brain dead from waching MSNBC. Check out this site for a weekly news re-cap even a liberal can comprehend. It appears to the right in the Video gadget or you can reach it directly at:

'Nuff said,

Your friendly neighborhood Libertarian

Monday, November 03, 2008

It appears that the deck is stacked. Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barney Frank and Chris Dodd will likely have unrestrained control over America. Their plan is to make certain that this control does not revert to another party in our lifetimes if ever. The numbers of the needy increase logarithmically as the numbers of the producers dwindle. Our children are indoctrinated in liberal hogwash and denied meaningful education by their social engineering teachers. TV news and virtually all of the major newspapers are controlled by the Socialists. We all know that the "Fairness Doctrine" will destroy Talk Radio long before the next Congressional elections. Most conservative voices will be silenced by reducing their exposure or by lawsuit. Our social, financial and religious leaders have failed us or, worse yet, they have betrayed our trust. Do we even have any political leaders any more? Romney?, Guliani?, Palin? These people are neither leaders nor patriots. They are politicians at best.

America is on life support people. She has but a few hours left to live. You had best make your peace with her now and beg the forgiveness of our forefathers. How we have wasted their sacrifices.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Obama would never have reached this point without the breathless assistance of his media lackeys. He's a smooth salesman. He reveals more about himself in the rare faux pas than he does in a dozen speeches. Honestly however, we owe the death of the America we knew to the Republicans and not the Democrats. The Republicans had the House, Senate and Presidency. They could have packed the Supreme Ct and lower federal courts with Constitutional judges. They could have sliced takes, fixed the excess of Gay marriage and uncontrolled abortion extremes. Instead they decided to get even for decades of Democratic greed and corruption by getting theirs too. Now the pendulum has swung. The average man and woman is a mindless dolt. Addled by years of public school neglect and social engineering, they are incapable of independent thought. They rely on Oprah and Olbermann to "inform" them. With no real education or inclination to educate themselves, most "citizens" are sheep to be led one way or the other. Obama is now the shepherd. I'm hardly a biblical scholar, but I recall that somewhere therein Jesus warns us to "Beware false prophets". If Obama is not a false prophet he is least the Judas goat leading us to slaughter. God Bless American and God save us all!
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